Sussex Dowsers are Affiliated to the British Society of Dowsers

PROGRAMME October 2015 to January 2016

Meetings start at 2pm Doors open 1.40pm

Indoor Meetings are held at The Bassil Shippam Centre, Tozer Way,
St Pancras, Chichester PO19 7LG

£6 non-members, £4 members Refreshments available .

Sunday 11 October: Mind Chi with Vanda North

Vanda North will introduce us to Mind Chi which is a simple and revolutionary way to improve your mental energy and increase your joy..
The unique Mind Chi concept, developed by Vanda North and Richard Israel, is a synthesis of positive psychology, mental wellness and eudemonics (the study of happiness).
Vanda will share the 8 steps of the Mind Chi Basic routine. The session will be participatory, sharing info, trying things out, laughing and having fun!
Vanda is past president of the International Society for Accelerated Learning & Teaching and founded the Buzan Centres Worldwide.

Sunday 15 November: Angels and Spirit Guides with Sarah Haywood

Sarah Haywood is a Spiritual Growth Mentor. She works with Angels and Spirit Guides to bring messages to help you align to your purpose. She can teach you how to connect to your inner self and other guides to help transform your life into a happier and healthier one.

Sarah will introduce you to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), share her story of transformation and help you discover how Angels and Spirit Guides can enhance your life.

Sarah is the chair of the Poole Positive Living Group. She offers Angel Card readings, dowsing courses, and Spiritual Growth courses in Dorset. She has produced several channelled e-books . To read more about her events or to find free downloads of channelled pieces you can go to or

Sunday 13 December: Dowsing the Arthurian Legend with Don Bryan

Don Bryan has been intrigued by the legends of King Arthur since childhood and is a lifetime member of the Pendragon Society.

Arthur is supposed to have lived in the late fifth/early sixth centuries (the early “Dark Ages”) and to have led resistance to the Anglo Saxon hoards invading our shores in the post Roman period. Unfortunately, this is a time where written records are almost entirely lacking.

Don believes there is credence to the story. He will share with us his experiences digging and dowsing at some of the sites most associated with Arthur.

Don has a PhD in archaeology. He is the founder of the Hampshire Archaeological Dowsing Group and chairman of the BSD Archaeological special interest group. He also runs a company offering tours of the West country.

Sunday 10 January: The Orb Phenomena and a Sound Experience with Lorna Heath

Lorna Heath will share with us the Orb images she has collected over the years. She will also show the energies and plasma photos taken at churches around Dorset and Hampshire. After the presentation, you are encouraged to comment.

After Tea break she is sharing a Sound Experience with short interactive vocal work accompanied by a Shruti box to start a Crystal and Tibetan Bowl Sound Session. Please bring a blanket to lie on and under.

Lorna is the chair of the Dorset Earth Mysteries Group and ‘The Gift of Sound’ , a non-profit group, which hosts regular vocal toning and Tibetan bowl sessions in Dorset.

Read and the Waverley Dowsers article about ORBS and watch a video of them in action as they observe some spiritual healing HERE

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