STAR GATES AND END TIMES an evening presentation by Anne Stallybrass

WAVERLEY DOWSERS MEETING: Friday 8th December 2017

The term “New Age” was originally coined by the seer Alice Bailey. Findhorn took up the phrase. A popular song announced the “dawning of the Age of Aquarius” True, the Spring Equinox Sun is gradually moving out of the Fishes into the constellation of Aquarius. True, Jesus “the Lamb” sent his disciples out at “fishers of men”, and the Fish symbol was used by early Christians. But the star language has been used without referring to any unequivocal exact marker in the heavens, and the timing is wrong somewhere by about two centuries.

Anne has solved the mystery in a beautiful way, that greatly strengthens the case for Star Ages being objectively real, significant for all ancient peoples, and important for understanding what is happening today. Several very exact star markers indicate that Jesus came at a highly significant Change of Ages; this sheds vital new light on his place in the evolution of humankind. She draws on the methodology of Rudolf Steiner, and while disagreeing with his dates, actually strengthens his basic thesis

Anne Stallybrass


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