When Michael Haxeltine was recently on holiday in Montenegro he spotted two Plane trees growing within a few feet of each other, but with opposite twists to their growth shown clearly on the bark and external shape of their trunks. We have no explanation for this growth pattern, although we do know that Sweet Chestnuts have a tendency to twist as they grow if they are on free draining soil which is often seen, this makes the Chestnut tree’s fairly useless for timber and we wondered if anyone might know if this could also be the explanation for the Plane tree’s. Do you have an explanation? If yes please share it, ring Michael on 01252 541 639 if you have a suggestion or use the Waverley dowsers contact page with your thoughts.

Plane Trees Bicici, Montenegro

Plane Trees Bicici, Montenegro

This picture was taken of the trees approximately which are approx one hundred metres from the seafront near the Quay.

Dowsing is universally recognised and this was demonstrated while Michael was dowsing these Plane trees to see if there was any adverse earth or water energies affecting the tree’s growth some taxi drivers at this town of Becici in Montenegro. Four taxi drivers attempted it and three did it within seconds, one of the taxi drivers admitted afterwards that he had previous experience of dowsing. The holiday tour courier who was watching explained that Montenegrins had an empathy with environmental energies. It does show that you can generate curiosity in the name of dowsing where ever you go says Michael Haxeltine, Chairman of Waverley Dowsers who are based in Godalming, Surrey.

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