Michael Parks Himself in Farnham Recently to give a talk to the “Friends of Farnham Park”. 
An Evening Introductory Session; 11th.Aug.’15.
What more could a Park want?  A Castle, a Manor House, a stream, lots of mature trees, varied subsoil conditions;  London clay, chalk, Reading beds and gravel, a swallow hole.   Oh, and The Friends of Farnham Park!
The latter are the group of selfless people that love their Park and keep it maintained in the broader sense.   Michael was asked to chat to this group about using dowsing in their conservation work.    As usual Mike mentioned his involvement to the WD committee and ever the keen one I said I’d give him a hand.
We set up our wares on a table under a broad Oak tree near the Rangers’ office, mainly because there was a hint of precipitation about!   This is a classic sight for us; a notice board, with all sorts of esoteric goodies pinned to it, placed on a table with handouts and those previous issues of the BSD magazine. Then a second table awash with tools of our trade, complete with Mike’s much-loved pyramid.
The Friends gathered around and off Mike went!   I’m not sure you can describe Mikes approach as “introductory”?   You basically get the works!   Of course, now that I’ve been scratching around for a few years, I can see that it is just the tip of an iceberg!   The main feature is to get our guests to do some of their own testing!    The 15 Friends of Farnham Park all showed interest in having a go at dowsing and were provided with one of our dowsing rods which we had previously made from some metal wire coat hangers.
The first task we presented them with was to demonstrate that they could dowse, and  this was achieved by using Mike’s simple method of holding a dowsing rod at face level pointing away from the person and then instructing the person to ask their first dowsing question. “point at my nose, point at my nose, point at my nose”.     Almost like an affirmation and to their amazement  the rod will start to slowly swivel in their hand to ultimately point at their face and usually directly at their wonderful nose” (this is typical in 80% of people who try dowsing for the first time).
This leads on to a more practical demonstration that we can each also find ‘true north’,or “magnetic north” if we care to just ask.     If you haven’t been softened up by reading about the subject beforehand then it is the equivalent of being pushed into the deep end!  
From this we investigated the individual physical aura; that is the shell we have around us that defines our presence (and any other object; especially trees for this demo.).  This is a reasonable indication of well being and can be found to change size as we accept or loose energy.     If you haven’t got anyone to take your own aura’s position, then just chose an object like a wall and ask for your aura to be indicated to you as it just touches that wall.
Mike hid his favourite stuffed animal toys under remote cardboard boxes and everyone was invited to detect which was which.   This had surprisingly good results which indicated that the chances were better than plain guesswork!       
Finally we tried out a tree hug to improve ours and the tree’s physical aura, before returning to the table and having the benefits of the pyramid explained.  This included the essence of conservation; “are we doing the right thing and creating good works”?   
Time moves fast when you are having fun; and it was time to clear up!   I find it’s worth supporting these sorts of things; it does the old heart good to see the sceptical turn into “might-look-further” types.   You know exactly what these dowsing “novices” are thinking;  “I’ve been there myself”!    We issued a feedback form and got an excellent response, so you never know; we might expect to find some new faces joining us at Waverley meetings?
Geoff Mitchell
Chair Waverley Dowsers.


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