Are you interested in working with the Spirit of the Land?

The Network of Ley Hunters will be holding a Moot in Kent from 3 to 6 April

To find out more about Leys why not visit the moot on Saturday 5 April?   Speakers will include :

David Hughesman – Earth Energies

Doug Chapman – Dode Ley Terminus in Kent

Susan Sheridan – Sacred Mounds

Philip Carr-Gomm – Sacred Places

Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton – Black Holes

Yuri Leitch – The Melkarth Line

Maria Wheatly – Ley Systems

Laurence Main – Pilgrimages

The Venue is Conference Hall, Speakers Trust, Addington Kent, ME19 5BL. For more information, details of tickets and booking arrangements please visit HERE

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