International Association of Health Dowsers
Association of Energy Therapists
At the

Runnymede-on-Thames Hotel

Windsor Road, Egham, Surrey, TW20 0AG


Saturday 24th October 2015

10.15am – 5pm (registration from 9.45am)


Positioned next to the river, the luxury Runnymede-on-Thames Hotel provides a beautiful setting for the Association of Energy Therapists and International Association of Health Dowsers 2015 Convention.

This promises to be a major event on the CAM calendar with four speakers who are top of their field leading an experiential and diverse learning opportunity.

Not only will you benefit from the amazing gathering of experts and therapists but you will also enjoy a lunch in this stunning hotel’s restaurant.

This great value event is being offered for an unbeatable price of £55 for AET, IAHD and BCMA members and £70 for non-members.

This exceptional bargain is made possible by the organisers subsidising the event.


To book your place


Please contact –  Keith Harmon, 52, Helen Avenue, Feltham, Middlesex, TW14 9LB by the 22nd September 2015


We regret for contractual reasons we cannot accept anyone without prior booking

For further details please contact

Keith Harmon 020 8751 0417 e-mail:


Jane Court 07860 890098 e-mail:

We regret for contractual reasons we cannot accept anyone without prior booking


Your Speakers …
Linda Monjack – Colour Resonance & Harmony
Colour changes our lives – we respond and use our senses according to colour.  Would you eat a blue egg and green bacon?  Without realising it we use colour with all our senses and relate it to the energy we feel.  A chance to view colour from a different perspective and work within the energy.  The chakras resonate to specific colours and when we relate this to the energy we can change how we perceive things through our colour choices.    Harmonising the colour and the energy connects us to the world we live in.
Linda is a counsellor, clinical hypnotherapist and colour psychologist and is looking forward to working with you to feel the vibration of colour in all its forms.

Yvette Layzell – Fascination with Buildings, Energy and Landscapes
Yvette is an intuitive reader and has turned her life around to follow her own self-belief and inner guidance.  Following her guidance has meant her travelling the world, acting on a hunch of ‘it’s now or never’ and finding herself in places where buildings, land and energies just simply talk.
Yvette’s always good for a story, but on this occasion she will show us how she has translated what she has learnt into a business where she looks, comments and potentially clears the non-serving energy of people’s homes and workplaces.  In some cases, matching people with their ideal location, lifestyle and/or simply pointing out where the landscape dynamics are good.
She is a firm believer in that nature has the answers and the more ‘nature rich’ the environment is, the healthier the occupants. She calls the type of work she does as, ‘Vibrational Energy’ and is always striving to take this to the estate agency and property development world.

Odille Rault – You have a Superpower!
What if you had a superpower? What if, just like a superhero, you could aim that superpower at anything you want to change in your life: relationships; health; people; career; finances, and much, much more? The good news is: you do have that power. You only need to learn to tune into it and develop the skill to use it effectively.  I’ve created a few very simple exercises and tools that can help you to do just that. I am an author, life coach and speaker, specialising in helping people to learn to use unconditional love and compassion as a POWER to achieve tangible results in all areas of their lives – including developing unconditional love for themselves!
After learning how and why unconditional love works as a power on: biological; neuro-scientific; quantum; spiritual; energetic; and down-to-earth practical levels, you will be guided in practising the techniques that will help you to develop the skill to use your power.

Robin Ellis – Thought Field Therapy
Robin would like to have the opportunity to give a clear and concise identification of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) covering Roger Callahan’s discovery and subsequent research and development of the first – the original –  Energy Psychology.
This would be of great value for our members – those who may view TFT as just one of the tapping therapies.

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