Roy Riggs will be visiting Waverley dowsers and bringing his research and experience to share with us all on friday 13th October at 7.30 (please arrive by 7.15)

Roy Riggs BSc. International Institute of Building Biology & Ecology

The talk will contain:

Electromagnetic Pollution  [50-60 Hz] Mains electricity

Household Electric fields & Magnetic fields


DC geomagnetic anomalies

Sleeping earthed




Radio/Microwave Frequencies [900 MHz-2.4 GHz]

Mobile phones

Cordless phones

DECT phones


Mobile Phone Masts

Using your dowsing to identify geopathic stress and electromagnetic smog.

Questions and Answers session


International Institute of Building Biology and Ecology

This introduction is intended for those interested in science-based developments in geopathic stress and how to measure electromagnetic pollution in their homes or office. The course offers a verified method of measuring EMF issues and how to implement verifiable changes to regain a harmonious and healthy living space whilst still living and operating within a high technological environment. This introduction to Technopathic & Geopathic  Stress will hopefully encourage candidates to take more professional certificated courses in building biology.

Roy Riggs has a degree in Environmental Science and has completed post graduate research abroad in both geobiology and building biology. He is an accredited Electromagnetic Field Consultant and Professional Dowser who carries out field investigations in both geopathic and electromagnetic energies within the UK and abroad. He is also a guest lecturer on the subject of geobiology at London Westminster University (Department of Integrative medicine) The Royal Homoeopathic Hospital London, The British College of Osteopathic Medicine and Foresight –[The Association for the Promotion of Preconception care.]

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