The Hospital of St Cross and Almshouse of Noble Poverty is a medieval almshouse in Winchester, Hampshire, England, founded between 1132 and 1136. It is the oldest charitable institution in the United Kingdom.[1] The founder was Henry of Blois, Bishop of Winchester, grandson of William the Conqueror and younger brother to King Stephen of England.

It is also the largest medieval almshouse in Britain: it is built on the scale of an Oxford or Cambridge college, although it is older than any of the colleges at those universities. It has been described as “England’s oldest and most perfect almshouse.

The 12th-century and 13th-century church in the south-east corner is more like a miniature cathedral than a typical almshouse chapel. The building is stone-vaulted throughout, with transepts and a central tower.

Very interesting energies to dowse in the grounds. The Belinus line runs thru.

What Date – Sunday 11th    Dowsing at St Cross Hospital, Winchester.
Meet at hospital at 14.00   Entrance fee to hospital. Adults   £ 4.50, Students and senior citizens  £4.00

Thursday 22nd june  Workshop  Energy Viewing – How to see the aura.  With David Charman   10.00 – 15.00  Arundel  £25.oo    Max 10 people.

If you are interested in these two workshops, please contact Sandra McKensie of Sussex Dowsers (

Waverley Dowers members will also be teaching at the forthcoming Wizards workshop in S.Wales, if you are interested in Spiritual dowsing, then this may be for you, visit the workshop page below.

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