On friday 16th 7.30 Maria Wheatley will be giving a talk about her latest book about the elongated skulls of StoneHenge. A fascinating and intriguing story of investigation and discovery about our ancient forebears and the culture that seems likely to have been in charge of the building of the Megalithic structures of Britain.

The Talk will be held at the Broadwater Park Community Centre,  Farncombe Surrey, GU7 3BH ( Off Summers Road) at 7.30 pm.
Doors will be open at 7pm for early birds, there is an entrance fee of £5 for members and £8 for guests.

The Website for the community centre:


Questions that you may consider:

Were these long skulls the descendants of Atlantis ?
Were they a Royal ‘class’ or ancestors of British Royalty ?Is there any anatomical connection to people around us ?
Has anyone done any DNA studies on those remains ?

Come along and listen to Maria talk about her years long study and investigations of this forgotten British history. Maria Wheatly is a second generation dowser and has provides dowsing talks and workshops as well as events and tours such as access to Stonehenge itself.

To visit Maria’s website and see her itinerary of events, please follow the link below.


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