On the auspicious date of Friday the 13th a Master Wizard will talk about and share the ancient knowledge of Dragons and their role in all of our reality’s.

Wizards and Dragons have a legendary connection reaching far back in time beyond the written history of mankind, Dragons are not the fearsome beasts portrayed by Christianity but were hijacked by the Church from earlier times and in some cases entrapped to bring power to the Church itself through deception. This rotten portrayal continued throughout early and late medieval history until modern times and the Dragons have requested the return of wizards to put the matter straight.

Are Dragons real?

What are Dragons?

Can we see Dragons?

Are Dragons good or bad for us?

Where can I find a Dragon?

What can Dragons do for me?

Ken Collinson a master wizard of the Wayfinders association of modern wizardry, an association of worldwide wizards was created to bring like minded wizards together to develop and share their wisdom and skills with each other and for the benefit of all.

For further information about this Wizards Association please visit:


Doors will be open at 7 pm, at 7.30 the Waverley Dowsers will run through with the AGM and then Ken will spend the rest of the evening talking about Dragons and finish with a question and answer session. There will be a part two to this talk which will include meeting some Dragons and learning to connect and communicate, a date for this second part will be advertised later this year.

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