Waverley Dowsers have some interesting dates coming up soon. We will be continuing our outside dowsing trips by staying in Godalming for the next one. We shall be visiting the Lammas lands behind the Unitarian Church on the friday the 13th July. Come to our normal friday meeting spot at the Unitarian hall at 7 – 7.30 and we will walk to the location to which should take no more than 6 -8 minutes. We know there are some archaeological remains to dowse for.

The Lammas lands are designated as a:

  • a Site of Nature Conservation Importance because of its high wildlife value, particularly birds and invertebrates
  • an Area of High Archaeological Potential
  • an Area of Strategic Visual Importance.

Don’t forget to check the Waverley dowsers website Events page to know what is going on.


On our Friends page on the Waverley Dowsers website, we have links to many many, Dowsing groups in the UK that you can visit from Yorkshire to Cornwall and read what they are up to:

One of the links on our friends page is the Wessex Research Group which has a fascinating monthly news letter which is worth having a read as it lists lots of alternative ‘Talks’ going on each month.

Thank you to all of you who came to the Dunsfold Church meeting, I think everyone was delighted in the Dragons, the Elf’s and the Goddess energies that many of you were finding and connecting to and should now be able to find yourself (go and visit old churches, they were built on Sacred energy spots).

The male and female doorways were an interesting example of what is available to interact with, even though you can’t see it!! This is the adventure of Dowsing!.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the next meetings.

Geoff and Ken will also be attending the Sun and Moon festival and they will be providing workshops on dowsing which will include everything that they can squeeze in to over the full week. (howto, dowse and communicate with the invisible Universe, how to map dowse, how to find, Elf’s, Dragons and how to heal yourself as well as heal the land.


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