Waverley Dowsers will be providing training workshop’s to introduce attendees to both rod and pendulum dowsing on the 1st of October at the Unitarian Hall – (opposite the Esso Garage) Godalming, Surrey, GU7 3JB.

There will be an afternoon and a morning course, details follows.

Please attend the morning session at 9.30 am for registration for a 10.00 o’clock (10am) start and finishing the morning session at 12.30. The morning dowsing course will teach and expand your skill with the dowsing rod.

The afternoon pendulum dowsing course will be open at 1.30 pm for registration and starting at 2 pm, the course will finish at 4 pm.

Ken will be leading the afternoon session of dowsing with a pendulum but the course will cover different areas of dowsing than the morning session and will be more suitable for personal dowsing using a pendulum as well as expanding your dowsing awareness. Both dowsing courses will complement each other, stretching and teaching a wide range of skills and imparting a wider range of knowledge that dowsers of all levels will appreciate.

Michael who will be leading the morning course with dowsing rods is a trained and accredited dowser with many years experience as well as being an author of three dowsing books. Ken has been a dowser for fifty years and was taught by his grandmother who was a professional medium and dowser, he will be sharing his many years of knowledge and skills during the afternoon session.

The cost for the individual courses will be £15.00 each or only £25.00 for both sessions (morning and afternoon sessions) refreshments with hot and cold drinks with biscuits will be provided as part of the course fee’s.

Feel free to bring a friend or relative, all dowsing tools will be provided for free during the course sessions and there will be some dowsing tools on sale as well as some of Michaels books. All questions will be welcome so please come prepared with your questions.

Contact Michael Haxeltine on 01252 541 639 or  Geoff Mitchell the Chairman on 01276 472 977 if you have any questions about these course’s or email Ken Collinson.

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