Three years ago Geoff Mitchell and Michael Haxeltine met an American Scouter who had tried dowsing with a poor success. Thanks to their guidance his success rate and enjoyment have grown. His skills were honed when he attended a Dowsing Workshop; at A Gilwell Scouting Reunion; like the Workshops Waverley Dowsers has run in Godalming, Surrey.   From the Workshop his enjoyment grew.

In spite of being a career for his wife who suffers from epilepsy and is also blind, he makes time to run a Scout Troop and shows them aspects of dowsing, so his dowsing is in a way therapy for himeself

He e-mailed from the US  the following which has given Geoff and Mike good cheer this festive season by knowing dowsing has helped to alter someone’s life.

“………….I’ve been taking bobbers, pendulums, and rods while tagging along with a friend who is an avid metal detector.

The dowsing tools help me to accurately identify the exact position of buildings that have been gone for a hundred years or more.

If I lay out the position of the building first, the man with the metal detector will follow my lay-out and consistently find cut nails along my lines.

I am going to try putting some brass in a glass salt shaker on a string and see if the device will lead me to items like belt buckles from the Civil War…they are worth around $1000.  Doubt if I’ll get rich, but we have a very good time.  Actually, I think it is a healing activity.

Thank you so much for broadening my perspective. May God richly bless you and yours”

Waverley Dowsers reach out to people, able or handicapped even non sighted,  who may be lonely and suggest that they take up the study and practice of dowsing. More information  from Michael Haxeltine 01252 541 639

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