Michael Haxeltine will be providing a talk on the Bovis unit, a measure devised especially for Dowsers, the talk will be held at the R.I.L.K.O conference on the 31st October (click here to visit the website) R.I.L.K.O (Research into lost knowledge organisation) provides a talk on lost kowledge on the last friday of every month 7 months of the year at, 50 Gloucester Place, London W1U 8EA.

Waverley Dowsers have been encouraging dowsers to use the Bovis scale in an attempt to produce a standardisation of scale so that dowsers can compare their work to those of other dowsers. Using a standard scale in this manner also brings science into dowsing because now we should be able to use repeatable experiments and if the results are not the same by using the Bovis Gigahertz scale you can begin to find out why there is a difference between the readings. The scale is used by many dowsers in many different ways but to help dowsers create a comparable ratio when dowsing this is a great tool,

The Bovis scale was created by a Frenchman ‘Andre Bovis’ and is extensively used in Geomancy and Health dowsing for more information on the Bovis scale we have provided several links below and a printable Bovis scale chart which you may download or print to keep.

Andre Bovis – Click Here


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