A set of unique dowsing workshops with a difference. Whilst you practice dowsing and balancing subtle energy fields, your own energy fields will be captured on digital media showing evidence of your progress. This is possible thanks to an invention of Dr Harry Oldfield whose New Energy Vision imaging system will be used. In fact Harry will himself be operating his camera and interpreting the findings. You get to meet him and find out more about his work with light, auras, crystals and healing.

A special dowsing workshop for all Dowsers where you will be able to see your progress and recognise your use of subtle energy use in real time visual imagery.

You can find more information about the remarkable Harry Oldfield technique on his website which includes a TV interview and demonstration of his equipment by following this link – Harry Oldfield’s website

The workshops will be held in central London and to book your places please follow this website link – Emerald Innovations  there are two workshops available, over the weekend of the 27th and 28th September, please check the Emerald Innovations website for any changes to these dates.


For further information and review of Harry Oldfields equipment this is a great article on the Nexus magazine website HERE


If you enjoy Dowsing experiments please visit our articles page for some great articles on how to use Dowsing.

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