The Deeper History of Christmas with Andy Thomas
The Bassil Shippam Centre, Tozer Way,
St Pancras, Chichester PO19 7LG £5 non-members, £3.50 members.
Meetings start at 2pm Doors open 1.40pm, 14th December 2014
Talk at the Sussex Dowsers

In a fascinating and uplifting presentation, Andy Thomas uncovers the intriguing deeper background to the festive season. From the ancient celebration of light in the winter darkness, to astrological themes, mystic connections and the marking of the birth of messiahs, mid-December has long been a time for rejoicing.

The traditional Christmas stories echo many ancient myths and still contain powerful truths. Yet Christmas was banned in Puritan times, and splintered into many guises before the Victorians rehabilitated the festival. Andy shows how, for all the modern commercialisation, we can still find meaning in Christmas today and keep the flame of light in the winter darkness alive
Andy is best known as a leading researcher into unexplained mysteries and is the author of the acclaimed The Truth Agenda, which explores paranormal phenomena and global cover-ups. But he is also author of several books on history and local folklore (including the Lewes Bonfire Night festivities). One of his favourite reads is Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, and Andy believes that annual festivals have wider meaning for us than is recognised.

The Sussex Dowsers bring another great subject for members and Guests to attend.

Contact – Sandra Mckenzie –  01329 234398 For further information


January – March  2015



Indoor Meetings are held at The Bassil Shippam Centre, Tozer Way,

St Pancras, Chichester PO19 7LG  £5 non-members, £3.50 members.

Meetings start at 2pm  Doors open 1.40pm.

Refreshments available and Dowsing Practice after tea


Sunday 11 January 2015. Egyptian and French Scientific Pendulums with Sandy McKenzie


In the early and mid twentieth century,  French physicists and engineers were investigating the energy emitted by the pendulums that were discovered in Egyptian tombs.  From these they developed a range of Egyptian pendulums each emitting different frequencies. They also discovered the Thoth pendulum that absorbs, detects and emits frequencies on command.


They went on to explore other shapes and created Scientific Energy pendulums. These devices do not rely on mental questions by the dowser.  These tools can detect the  frequencies and the quality of energetic emissions from people, objects and places. They can also be used to  change frequency patterns to correct imbalances or to create beneficial energies. Some specialised pendulums can remove curses and black ‘spells’.


Sandy will demonstrate these  pendulums and and you will have an opportunity to use them as well.


Sunday 8 February 2015. Tuning to the Quantum Field with Malcolm Stewart

Malcolm Stewart has written two books on Sacred Geometry: Patterns of Eternity and Symbols of Eternity. He has worked with Energy and Geomancy masters Colin Bloy and John Michell. He has been  a TV producer, both for Commercial TV and BBC TV.

01329 234398 – Sandra Mckenzie

More recently he has been a designer and lecturer, on topics related to sacred design and knowledge, here in Europe, Canada and Hawaii. This illustrated talk: Tuning to the Quantum Field will feature his understanding so far … having in the last three years, returned from a near-death experience.


Sunday 8 March 2015. Shamanic Tools for Life with Liz Bridger

Liz is a trained Bowen Practitioner, Psychic Surgeon and Shamanic Healer

Today Liz will be talking about how old shamanic ways and tools can help with our future path. She will also talk about Andean traditions and teachings which assist in connecting with the energies of all living things and help people let go of issues and life-traumas.

After tea we will finish with a shamanic journey to meet your Power Animals

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