Christopher Strong was first taught to dowse by his five year old son and has since gone from strength to strength in growing his skills. Dowsing now for more than 35 years Christopher released a book a few years ago, ‘Autobiography of a sceptical dowser’ which talks through his journey and how his skills have grown, the secret as he will explain in this talk at Waverley dowsers is ‘do not be afraid’ and to practise everyday.

Christopher will be providing his talk at the Waverley Dowsers Unitarian hall, Godalming on the 8th June at 7.30 pm, this is a must come if you need to improve your dowsing or would like to start dowsing he will also have copies of his book on sale which he will autograph. A perfect opportunity to ask those questions on how to clear energies from your home, the garden or to self heal as well as talking to spirits.

Buy Christopher’s Book HERE

A recent event with Christopher Strong

On the next day, saturday the 9th Waverley dowsers will be at Dunsfold Church so if you wish to practise your dowsing, talk to spirits, find ancient stone circles then make sure you come along, if you have no dowsing rods bring your pendulum and I am sure someone can lend you a dowsing rod. The experienced dowsers will be able to offer guidance and answer your questions during your fantastic experience.


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