There was a big hurahh and other sounds of astonishment in 2015 when news of the buried stones of Durrington Walls was released, by the way if your village ends with ‘ton’ there is a good chance it’s name refers to a local ‘stone circle’ or stone enclosure, in which case get out your dowsing rods and go and see what you can find and report it back to Waverley dowsers so we can organise a visit.

So archaeologists have found at least 76 giant Sarcen stones buried about three feet below the surface situated on the top of the escarpment of Durrington Walls, once considered a ‘C’ shaped arena but now recognised as a super henge which itself contained wood and stone circles as well as a large village of up to a 1000 homes.

There has been made a comparison of the layout of the Wiltshire Wood and Stone circles of concentric rings between this type of construction and the reported construction of Atlantis which was a City built on concentric ‘canals’ of water, for further information on this idea, please follow the link below to visit Phillip Coppens website:

Martin Doutre has published some very extremely intriguing information on his website, full of measurements but all underlying the idea of a Sacred landscape, not in just a few hundreds of metres but in hundreds of miles, visit the website below:

This reminded me of a similar lecture I saw by Howard Crowhurst who is based in France and is considered the foremost expert on the Carnac Megaliths in the World,  Howard has connected the massive stones of Carnac to various sites in England through alignments and similarity of environment (rivers,hills and rivers running in certain cardinal points) all very fascinating, if you like your Megalithic experience to be science and maths then you will like this ten minute video of Howard and if you go on to purchase the full video download, you will not be disappointed.


This all brings in to focus that these stone structures that are so similar in construction and purpose they could only have been assembled by an ‘over all’ leadership, be it secular or Priestly and when you begin to understand that this isn’t small community’s in isolation ‘throwing up’ something similar but is mathematically aligned over hundreds of miles and connected through various subtle energies of Dragon lines and other Earth energies over equal distances covering many different tribal lands plus connecting over the English channel and the North Sea it beggars belief, it may be slightly more convincing if all of these Sacred structures were built before the flooding of the North Sea (Doggerland) and the division of the English channel…. wouldn’t it ?

Another point that has always been considered was how our ancestors moved those massive Sarcen stones. One suggestion is that they may have been moved mainly in winter and used snow and ice to make it easier to slide/drag these monster stones to their positions before being erected in the warm weather of the summer, or perhaps moved at the end off, or during an ice age ?

Just how long has the land been considered sacred and when did people start to venerate it with massive constructions, in Turkey we now know it was over 9,000 years ago with the construction of Gobekli Tepi, this is a time when people had already settled in the British isles, with Amesbury in Wiltshire (a few miles from Stone Henge) been continuously inhabited for more than 10,000 years!.

Another interesting site about Durrington Walls

If you like Megalith’s then you might like the article some of our Waverley dowsers wrote about their visit and experience in France with some of the sites at Carnac, the article includes a video of a passage chamber, you can visit and read it here

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