Sussex Dowsers present on Sunday 13th May, Astrology, Crystals and Spirituality with Patricia Godden

Patricia Godden is a Scientist turned Astrologer. After obtaining a first class honours degree in physiology and biochemistry, she went on to complete a doctorate and further academic research in metabolic hormones.,. She then worked on the registration of new drugs for a pharmaceutical company in Germany .
On  returning to England, she retrained as a reflexologist and had a busy practice on the Isle of Wight. During this time, she gained much experience in dealing with the complex problems that people face: physical, emotional and social.
This talk introduces Patricia’s book Astrology, Crystals and Spirituality, which describes the energies of each planet in each sign of the zodiac and identifies the crystal that resonates with each planetary placement.
Holding the crystals that resonate with the positions of the planets at the time you were born helps you connect with the essence of what your soul is trying  to achieve in this lifetime.
After tea, there will be the opportunity to hold crystals that resonate with planets in your horoscope.
Bring your horoscope with you. If you do not have your horoscope, you can print it off from one of the many websites that let you enter your time and place of birth.
There will be a short Annual General Meeting at the start of the meeting
Meetings start at 2pm  Doors open 1.40pm.
Indoor Meetings are held at The Bassil Shippam Centre, Tozer Way,
St Pancras, Chichester PO19 7LG
£6 non-members, £4 members  Refreshments available

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