Sunday 8 May: Atlantis with Richard Hayes
Richard is a Spiritual Medium and Healer with an interest in all systems of spirituality and spiritual development. Having over the past thirty years explored various religions, philosophies and spiritual teachings, he has become convinced that an Ancient Wisdom exists which pre-dates recorded human history, and that this wisdom has become accessible through the spiritual awareness of many great Spiritual Teachers, Psychics and Mystics.
 He will explore the Ancient Wisdom as it relates to the Myths of Atlantis and other pre-history civilisations, and will chart its influence on human civilisation throughout the Ancient World.
A particular emphasis will be given to early Spiritual Science as it relates to Ancient Magical Practice and to concepts of the After-life, which became the basis of early Religion. Attention will also be given to Sacred Architecture and Geometry and its effect on the Ancient World, along with the impact of Atlantean thinking on the evolution of Human Civilisation.
Richard is President of the Portsmouth Temple of Spiritualism, and regularly gives talks and workshops on Spiritual Growth and Development and associated subjects such as Astrology, Tarot and the Cabbala.
There will be a short AGM before the start of the talk.
Meetings start at 2pm  Doors open 1.40pm.
Indoor Meetings are held at The Bassil Shippam Centre, Tozer Way,
St Pancras, Chichester PO19 7LG

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